Wild Rice, Quinoa, and Edamame Salad + Liebster Award!

Think back to your awkward preteen years for a moment. For me, middle school consisted of braces, listening to Ashlee Simpson on repeat (oh, so edgy), The Clique book series, and questionable fashion choices. I had a hard time expressing myself, so I often resorted to drawing on my peer’s choices as inspiration. I was what you call a copycat, and when it comes to finding recipe inspiration, not much has changed.

Wild Rice Quinoa Salad Closeup

Thinking back, my most shameful imitation was succumbing to the peer pressure of Crocs. Do you remember those horrible pieces of footwear? I had purple ones. *Shudder* Since I’m confessing all my deep, dark secrets to you, I’ll be transparent in saying that this recipe is a straight up forgery. My wonderful mother bought me a prepared quinoa salad for lunch at the grocery store a few weeks back, and I couldn’t get enough. I quickly got to trying to replicate the flavours, but likely with less oil and salt than the store-made stuff.

Wild Rice Quinoa Salad Spoon2

Wild Rice, Quinoa, and Edamame Salad

by Suzanne

Cook Time: 30 minutes (plus chill time)

Keywords: appetizer salad entree side gluten-free vegan vegetarian wheat-free almonds quinoa rice


Ingredients (4-6 servings)

  • 1 c. wild or brown rice, cooked according to directions
  • 1 c. quinoa, cooked according to directions
  • 3/4 c. frozen shelled edamame beans, thawed
  • 1 carrot, julienned or grated
  • 1 c. cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp mint, chopped
  • 1/4 c. raw almonds, finely chopped

For the dressing

  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 3 tbsp. lime juice
  • 2 tbsp. maple syrup
  • optional: 1/2 tsp. green curry paste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Chop almonds roughly and roast for 10 minutes.

Prepare the grains and run edamame under warm water to thaw.

Prepare veggies and place in a mixing bowl with grains, edamame, herbs, and almonds.

Prepare dressing by whisking ingredients together and pour over salad.

Mix well to combine. Refrigerate and serve cold.

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Liebster Award!

The lovely Alysha kindly nominated me for a Liebster award! Here are the questions she asked her nominees:

1. What’s the best recipe that you’ve ever found online?

Luckily I bookmark everything! It’s so hard to choose just one, but I have made this chickpea pancake so many times I have it memorized!

2. The first blog you ever starting following?

It was most likely Oh She Glows, or Healthy Tipping Point.

3. Something you always carry with you?

Keys, Booda Butter lip balm, a notebook, and pen.

4. What gets you motivated to work out?

Endorphins, and the gratitude that I am able-bodied and healthy enough to do so!

5. Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram?

I’m plugging for my friend Ashley; I love following her account @PaintedLadyFitness for tons of life and fitness inspiration.

6. Are you a procrastinator?

Let me get back to you on that one… ;)

7. Do you have a favourite bar or on the go snack?

I should have added to the above question that I never go anywhere without trail mix.

8. Your favourite book or magazine?

I could never choose just one book, but I highlighted some of my favourites here.

9. What’s your favourite song right now?

I’m digging Zebra by Beach House.

10. What do you love most about the blogging community?

How supportive and congenial everyone is :)

My nominees are Coconut and Berries, Clean Wellness, 24 Carrot Life, The Pomegranate Bandit, and Produce on Parade and I’m throwing out the following questions to you ladies:

1. Is there any meaning or story behind your given birth name?

2. What is your favourite colour ink to write with?

3. What is your favourite smartphone app?

4. What ingredient or food item could you simply not live without.

5. You’re on your way to buy yourself a well deserved treat. What is it?

6. What is your favourite way to get your body moving?

7. What is your favourite hour of the day?

8. What is your number one listened-to song on iTunes?

9. What movie can you quote beginning to end?

10. What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

Question of the Day: Do you admit to being a ‘copycat’?

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Virtual Tea Time [17] Cue More Change

I really thank you for joining me for tea, especially considering all the radical change that is occurring at the moment. Thankfully I was a busy little bee this past week, minimizing the fact that my ‘student’ identity has been severed.

Virtual Tea Time

Have you ever had a really good massage? Well I haven’t, but I equate the feeling of ‘hurt so good’ pain to my sentiments this past week. Every day seemed to bring upon more and more change! Monday I started a new part-time job, finally concreting my plans to stay in Kingston over the summer. Tuesday I had a (horrendousjob interview for a nursing position in Toronto, which taught me to proof-read your resume a million and one times and to treat everything as an opportunity to learn something.

Maddie, Kayla, and Suzanne

Wednesday I had a goodbye dinner with a group of friends from the yoga studio. Thursday I  had a goodbye potluck lunch with two of my best buddies, and my final shift at my on-campus job that I’ve done for the past three years! Every goodbye was so bittersweet. One one hand, we are letting go of a four year experience that has given us the tools to go forth in the world, but on the other, we are floating away from the people who have bolstered and nurtured us through it all.

QTS last shift

It doesn’t end there; as I speak to you (isn’t the internet magical? ;) ) I am completing the final hours of my yoga teacher training. This feeling is double-ended as well; I have gained experience and confidence in my abilities to teach yoga, and I am forced to say goodbye for now to 15 amazing individuals.

Suzanne and Lily YTT

All of these things ‘hurt so good’; saying goodbye is sad, but saying hello to what is about to happen next is exciting. It’s also kind of exhilarating (and terrifying) to not know exactly what is happening next.

I’m grateful that Arman’s Spill It Sundays had such an appropriate theme this week; ideal destination 2014! It got me thinking about where this summer might take me, and I’m thinking a trip to British Columbia would be nice!

It’s an ideal destination for me for a few reasons. One, I have a few friends moving there this summer. Two, Wanderlust Whistler is going down in July. And three, just look at the scenery! Funnily enough, a trip to BC was on my goals list, so all the better reason to make it happen!

On another positive note, less school time means more blog time! I’ve been itching to devote more time to this online space and to continue to grow. I thank you so much for sticking with me, and I hope you’ll continue to read along :) I’ll leave you to the rest of your day, but be sure to check out these must-read links from last week!

5 Must Read Links

1. Editing a Photo from Start to Finish

2. 7 Things Morning People Do Differently

3. How to Sprout Grains

4. Wellness Wonderland Radio with Gabrielle Bernstein

5. South of the Border Buddha Bowl

Question of the Day: What’s on your horizon (for today, this week, this year)?

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Healthy Vegan Fridays [13]

Healthy Vegan Fridays Logo

Pinch me, I must be dreaming; it’s Healthy Vegan Friday already! Anna, Kimmy, and I are always so inspired by all of your amazing submissions each week. Here are the top three recipes from last week, as chosen by number of clicks:

1. All About Chickpea Flour by Coconut and Berries

Emma does a great job of highlighting all the amazing uses of chickpea flour. It truly is amazing what you can do with it!

2. Healthy Vegan Carbonara by Sandy’s Vegan Blogs and Blahs

This healthy vegan carbonara dish is sure to please everyone; Italian or otherwise!

3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pancakes for One! by Veggie Nook

What a beauty these vegan pancakes are; and in a puddle of delicious maple syrup no less! 

There were a lot of really great submissions this week. The only way I could narrow down my top picks was by choosing a theme. Here are my top three favourite chickpea containing recipes:

Spring Pea Dip by Esculent Dreams

I’m always looking for neat hummus variations… and ways to use up all the frozen peas in my freezer.

Mango Curry Hummus Quinoa Bowls by Yup, It’s Vegan

Another fun twist on hummus! I love my hummus by the bowl-full!

Chocolatey Avocado Chickpea Cookies by Sandi’s Allergy-free Recipes

And for dessert, some chickpea cookies! How can you go wrong with chocolate and avocado?!

My Submission: Green Salad with ‘Beet-con’ Crips

Now its your turn to share some vegan goodness with the blogging community! Use the linky below to link up one or two vegan recipes for next week’s HVF post (make sure you link back somewhere in your post)! If you’re new to HVF and would like to know more about getting involved, click here or leave a comment and I’ll be sure to reply :) To stay up to date on all things HVF, be sure to like our Facebook and Pinterest pages, tag your tweets with #VeganFridays, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

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10 Yoga Poses to Start or End Your Day Right + Video [WellYoga Series]

As you may or may not know, I have been taking part in a yoga teacher training for the past 3 months. I have learned so much, that I thought it was only fair to share some of my yoga wisdom with you :)

WellYoga by Hello, veggy!

Raise your hand if you love yoga! I love it because its great for the mind and body, and is a perfect way to start or end your day (or for anytime). Going through the five movements of the spine in your yoga practice is an awesome way to stretch your body in all the right ways. This video by YogaGlo breaks down these five movements. They are:

  1. flexion (rounding forward) 
  2. extension (rounding back)
  3. rotation
  4. side bends, and
  5. axial extension (elongation).


There are tons of yoga asana that cover these movements. Today, I am putting on my movie producer hat and my yoga teacher pants, and sharing a fun yoga video! It’s a ten pose series of postures that will move your spine in all five ways mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Unroll your mat (or find a piece of floor), and get your yoga on!


Pose Breakdown

  1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)- flexion, gentle stretching of hips and thighs, calms the brain
  2. Cat (Marjaryasana) and Cow (Bitilasana) Poses- flexion and extension of back torso and neck
  3. Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)- spinal extension and shoulder stretch
  4. Downward Dog (Ahdo Mukha Svanasana)- axial extension of upper back, stretches shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
  5. Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) with side bend- hip flexor stretch, side bending lateral stretch
  6. Cobra (Bhujangasana) / Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)- stretches chest, shoulders, abdomen
  7. High Lunge with twist- stretches hip flexor, upper back twisting
  8. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)- stretches the chest, neck, and spine
  9. Legs-up-the-wall Pose (Viparita Karani)- gentle back, torso, and neck stretch, calms the mind
  10. Corpse Pose (Savasana)- calms and relaxes the brain and body

I hope you enjoyed this video and find it useful :)

Question of the Day: What is your favourite time of day to do yoga? Would you like to see more videos like this?

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Virtual Tea Time [16] Endings and Beginnings

It’s April 6th, and I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally arrived! I’m persuaded by the budding tulips seen on campus, the need for an umbrella in Kingston’s torrential downpour on Friday (April showers bring May flowers!), and cravings for smoothies. This girl isn’t mourning the loss of winter at all!

Spring Smoothies

I’m un-officially dubbing April the month of change. So many things are happening this month, for example, I just finished by last week of school. The last presentation, the last lecture, the last simulation lab. Forever.

Everything I have felt this week about endings has been bittersweet. These past four years have just flown by, and there have been so many ups and down both personal and academic. If you were to look back on the person I was four years ago, I don’t think you would recognize her.

Last Presentation

School isn’t the only thing that is ending. Next week brings the end of my part time job which I’ve held for three years, the end of my yoga teacher training course, and saying goodbye to friends who are graduating. I really struggle with endings, so it’s bound to be a bit rough.

My plan of action is to focus on the new and exciting. The next few months are going to be a weird time for me, probably initialing even more change. I’m scheduled to write my Nursing exam in June, giving me RN and ‘real person’ status. In the meantime I’ll be studying, working in a cafe here in Kingston, and hopefully having lots of fun. I also have my half-marathon training to keep me occupied, and all the other excitement that summer weather brings :)

So that’s where I am right now. To wrap things up, here are five awesome links from last week worth a read:

5 Must Read Links

1. Maple Cinnamon Hummus

2. Banana Bread Muffin Tops

3. Please Don’t Envy Me: The Facebook Status Everyone Should Read

4. 7 Things Morning People Do Differently

5. Why You Should Never Ever Get a Tattoo, (but Having a Baby is Fine)

Question of the Day: How is April shaping up for you? Are there any big changes happening in your life?

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