Lemon Blueberry Apple Crumble: Vegan, Gluten-free, Nut-free

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today is an extra special Tuesday; a dear friend of mine is celebrating her 22nd birthday! Teryl and I go back a few good years. For orientation week at my school, we were placed in small groups; Teryl just so happened to have ended up with me as a froshling. We had a lot of (messy) fun that week:


DSC01625 DSC01628

Ah memories! Over the years, school has easily gotten in the way of keeping up with friends. Last year, however, Teryl and I devised a plan to stay up-to-date with each other’s lives by hosting each other for warm drinks and dessert! When planning out first get-together we discovered we had a few things to accommodate for:

  • I like tea; Teryl likes coffee
  • I eat a vegan diet, and try to be gluten and wheat-free as much as possible
  • Teryl has a long (sad) list of allergies


Apple crisp it was! If I remember correctly, we ate the whole pan without stopping to breathe or blink. Our first get-together was so fun that we essentially did the same thing the second time, except that Teryl outdid me by baking both apple and blueberry crisps! Do you even need to ask whether or not we polished it all off?

In honour of Teryl and her birthday, I married apples, blueberries, and lemon to make a delicious fall treat.

Happy Birthday Teryl! I hope this year brings you amazing adventures and nothing but good!

Lemon Blueberry Apple Crumble

Yield: 3-4 servings (or 2 Teryl and Suzanne sized servings)

Prep time: 15 minutes

Bake time: 45 minutes



  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil or other solid oil (eg. vegan margarine)
  • 5 c. sliced apples
  • 1 c. fresh blueberries
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • zest from 1/2 a lemon
  • 2 tbsp unrefined granulated sugar (eg. organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, sucanat)
  • 2 tsp cornstarch


  • 1 c. oatmeal
  • 1/2 c. oat flour (tip: grind oats in a food processor) or flour of choice
  • 3 tbsp. coconut oil or other solid oil (eg. vegan margarine)
  • 3 tbsp. non-dairy milk
  • 2 tbsp unrefined granulated sugar (eg. organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, sucanat)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees and grease a small shallow baking dish (10×7″) with coconut oil.
  • In a small bowl combine sliced apples, blueberries, lemon juice, lemon zest, cornstarch, and sugar. Set aside while you prepare the topping.
  • In another small bowl mix together the oats, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and baking powder.
  • Add coconut oil (it should be semi-soild; microwave to melt if required), non-dairy milk, and vanilla. Mix to achieve a crumbly texture.
  • Spread the fruit mixture evenly in the pan, followed by the crumble topping.
  • Bake for 45-50 minutes and cool before eating.

  • Serve with vanilla ice cream (optional, but please do it!) I used Katie’s recipe.
  • I’ve also linked up to Treat Yourself Tuesdays over at olivesnwine; check it out!


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10. September 2013 by Suzanne Poldon
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Comments (10)

  1. Yum! This looks delicious! Send me some?!

  2. Oh this apple crisp looks amazing! What a great friend you are for making this for a birthday :)

  3. I love crumble! I make mine pretty much the same way as you :) We had a plum crumble at the weekend but lemon, apple and blueberry sounds delicious.
    Happy birthday Teryl!

  4. How do I get in on this goodness?!?! Crisp is 100% the way to my heart. And healthy too! Makes it even better. Adding this to my must-make list.

  5. Oh Happy Birthday to your dear friend! You guys look like twins! The crumble sounds amazing, perfect for the fall desserts!

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