Warm Drinks for Fall at David’s Tea + How to Brew Tea

Thirsty Thursdays

Winter is coming, but first we have to get through fall.

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I am a summer girl through and through. I will take humidity over chilly air any day, and I thoroughly enjoy sipping on smoothies and eating my weight in sweet watermelon. Like all good things, however, summer comes to an end and I have to remember to go with the flow.

As the seasons change, so do my food preferences. Sweet potatoes, squash, and pumpkin predominate, honeycrisp apples take centre stage, and I start drinking tea by the pot full.

As soon as I smelled the fall air, I paid a visit to David’s Tea to check out the new fall collection. David’s Tea is a loose leaf tea store (founded in Canada) that sells over 150 types of tea both online (though they do not ship internationally) and in their many locations across Canada and the United States. Armed with a gift card I got for my birthday (thanks Sarah and Bri-Ann!), I prepared my nose for a tea scent-sation.

The fall collection contains five teas, four of which are vegan; Sugar and Spice, Cocoaberry, Pistachio Cream, and Mom’s Apple Pie. I was upset to discover that Banana Nut Bread from last year’s collection did not return, as well that Pumpkin Chai contains dairy (the tea contains caramel bits). Whomp whomp. After smelling the vegan options, I knew almost immediately what I wanted.

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I ended up getting 25 g of each Sugar and Spice, and Cocoaberry. Personally I don’t think Sugar and Spice quite lives up to it’s name, and it steeps quite weak. The Cocoaberry, however, is fantastic and I’ve enjoyed both it hot and iced. During my visit, I noticed that Pistachio Cream had an ingredient called ‘natural cream’, but dairy was not listed as an allergen. The staff were unsure if it were a mistake, so I passed on buying some right them. Since I’ve had successful customer service experiences using Twitter, I decided to ask the company directly:

Rejoice! I also found out via our conversation that the ‘natural cream’ is really natural flavours (like vanilla) that mimic a cream taste. When I returned to buy some, the server suggested I let it steep a long time (I enjoyed one cup after 10 minutes of steeping, and another after steeping overnight).

How to Brew Tea

Are you a tea newbie? It comes second nature to me now, but here is a quick crash course on the perfect cup of tea:

Hot Tea: for each cup of hot water, place 1.5 tsp of loose tea in a tea filter basket (reusable, disposable) or tea ball. Boil water and pour over tea leaves. Leave in leaves (steep) for 3-5 minutes before removing tea leaves. Wait to cool, and enjoy!


Iced Tea: for each cup of water, place 3 tsp of loose tea in a tea filter basket (reusable, disposable) or tea ball. Boil water and pour over tea leaves. Leave in leaves (steep) for 3-5 minutes before removing tea leaves. Pour over a cup full of ice and enjoy!

If you’re ready to take your tea brewing skills to the next level, check out this infographic.


There you have your guide to vegan teas to spice up your fall. Stay warm!

Question of the Day: What is your hot beverage of choice for fall?

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8 Thoughts on “Warm Drinks for Fall at David’s Tea + How to Brew Tea

  1. A new David’s Tea just opened up a block from my office…problem! Currently loving pumpkin chai (wish you could have it! I torture my vegan office-mate with it and feel horrible), coco-lemon thai and toasted walnut (always). Forever nuts is the best herbal tea!

    I took a tea blending and brewing class at Herbal Infusions a few months ago and it was awesome. I learned so much about tea!

  2. I love tea!! I drink multiple cups every day all year round! I like most herbal varieties but am not a fan of anything fruity.
    David’s tea sounds incredible!
    Emma recently posted…I is for…My Profile

  3. I’m a tea addict and love going to tea shops. I love tea-based soups and noodle soups, too (common in Taiwan). I’ve heard about David’s Tea, and thanks for pointing out which are vegan (you’re so awesome!), and I would love to try Pistachio Cream & Mom’s Apple Pie – sound heavenly delish! Yeah, some products list lactic acid (which may not be vegan unless they state it is vegan or non-dairy) or just cream. Thank you for taking the efforts to contact them about the ingredient, Suzanne! I am planning to try this Mandarin Chai, the newest product from Blue Lotus Chai (based in Eugene, Oregon).

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