What Do You Value?

There’s nothing like an intense weekend of yoga and discussion to inspire a thought-provoking post. As I mentioned during tea time, I spent this past weekend immersed in my yoga teacher training. I was especially excited for our goal setting session, which was facilitated by two very inspirational and knowledgeable women. They took us through a series of exercises to help us hone in on what matters most to us in life, and how we can shape our goals to align with these items.


First, we were given a set of about 50 different values (similar to this list). There was a huge range of different items such as faithfulness, honesty, adventure, and pleasure. We were asked to choose 12 values from the list that we identified as important to us. Next, we had to narrow that list down to eight, and then just our top three. I can tell you it was a lot more difficult than it sounds!

The purpose behind this activity was to determine what in our life truly drives us an motivates us to reach our goals. Once we have a sense of what is truly important to us, we can use these items as a compass to create truly meaningful and attainable goals for ourselves. Makes sense, right?


Here is where I’m about to get a bit personal and sentimental with you. After painstakingly sorting through that massive list of values, I identified the following as my top three:

  1. Family- to be and have a happy, loving, family.
  2. Friendship- to be and have close, supportive friends.
  3. Contribution- to make a lasting contribution in the world.

I’ve had the opportunity to reflect really hard on these values over the weekend, and I was pleased to realize that they appear very prominently in my life! I have an amazing family, and tons of friends (including you!) who support, love, and challenge me to grow as a person. I also realized that I am doing meaningful things that make me feel as though I am contributing something of worth, especially finding my interest in health promotion, and through receiving an outpouring of awesome feedback on hello, veggy Thank you so, so much by the way; it means the world to me! :mrgreen:

As beautiful and sunshine-y as that all sounds, I also got a taste of how challenging goal setting can truly be through approaching it in a completely different way than I am used. We explored it from the ‘Lululemon perspective‘, which focuses on visualizing your life 10 years from now, and creating a series of goals that ultimately set you up to succeed in reaching this 10 year vision.

The next couple months are likely to be life altering. My comfortable university student cocoon will be  ripped apart as I hand in my final nursing exam, my yoga teacher training will be coming to a close, and many of my good friends will be moving away. I will be job hunting in a climate that is far from ideal, all while dealing with challenges that new adulthood brings. I can hardly visualize my life two months from now, so understandably creating a 10 year vision shook me up a bit. Unfortunately, time didn’t permit us to finish the exercise (sorry to leave you hanging); I’m looking forward to sorting through this again soon, and hopefully gaining a better insight and understanding of the potential that lies ahead!

Question of the Day: What do you value? Do you have a vision of your life 10 years from now? What are your thoughts on setting long-term (big, hairy, audacious) goals?

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03. March 2014 by Suzanne Poldon
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  1. Love this. I value my family, friends, health and new opportunities. Good for you girly – and yes it is sometimes scary but you have an awesome head on your shoulders
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted…The CrossFit Open & The Whole 30My Profile

  2. Love this! You know that I’m in the same place as you right now – and like you, am having trouble picturing what my life is going to be like a few months down the road, let alone 10 years. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and sort through it though!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Rehashing February.My Profile

  3. I 100% agree with your top 3- family, friends and meaningful work (which totally fits into contribution). The next few years will be a roller coaster and you will end up in places you never imagined (I sure did) but that is the beauty of the journey!
    Gabby @ the veggie nook recently posted…building up to the big one: raw almond butter and caramel apple cheesecake squaresMy Profile

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