10 Yoga Poses to Start or End Your Day Right + Video [WellYoga Series]

As you may or may not know, I have been taking part in a yoga teacher training for the past 3 months. I have learned so much, that I thought it was only fair to share some of my yoga wisdom with you :)

WellYoga by Hello, veggy!

Raise your hand if you love yoga! I love it because its great for the mind and body, and is a perfect way to start or end your day (or for anytime). Going through the five movements of the spine in your yoga practice is an awesome way to stretch your body in all the right ways. This video by YogaGlo breaks down these five movements. They are:

  1. flexion (rounding forward) 
  2. extension (rounding back)
  3. rotation
  4. side bends, and
  5. axial extension (elongation).


There are tons of yoga asana that cover these movements. Today, I am putting on my movie producer hat and my yoga teacher pants, and sharing a fun yoga video! It’s a ten pose series of postures that will move your spine in all five ways mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Unroll your mat (or find a piece of floor), and get your yoga on!


Pose Breakdown

  1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)- flexion, gentle stretching of hips and thighs, calms the brain
  2. Cat (Marjaryasana) and Cow (Bitilasana) Poses- flexion and extension of back torso and neck
  3. Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)- spinal extension and shoulder stretch
  4. Downward Dog (Ahdo Mukha Svanasana)- axial extension of upper back, stretches shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
  5. Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) with side bend- hip flexor stretch, side bending lateral stretch
  6. Cobra (Bhujangasana) / Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)- stretches chest, shoulders, abdomen
  7. High Lunge with twist- stretches hip flexor, upper back twisting
  8. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)- stretches the chest, neck, and spine
  9. Legs-up-the-wall Pose (Viparita Karani)- gentle back, torso, and neck stretch, calms the mind
  10. Corpse Pose (Savasana)- calms and relaxes the brain and body

I hope you enjoyed this video and find it useful :)

Question of the Day: What is your favourite time of day to do yoga? Would you like to see more videos like this?

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08. April 2014 by Suzanne Poldon
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  1. I would like some videos for a person that teaches the basics. I try a yoga DVD and they are so hard I can’t keep up with what they are doing. Need sometime to show me how to get started. I have one from Peggy Cappy (PBS) that is good. She is so calming. Just would like to know where to start and some good instruction. Thank you!

  2. This was awesome! Such a nice way to start the day. You have such a calming voice, I might do this before bed as well :)

    I would love more short sequences like this to fit in anywhere at anytime: some energetic, some calming.
    Gabby @ the veggie nook recently posted…blood orange-roasted carrot bowl with farro and a miso-scallion sauceMy Profile

  3. I LOVE it!!!!! (And I especially love your purple pants!) What a great way to start the day! I hope you keep making these videos :)

  4. Ahhhh look at you being all yoga instructor-ish! :-p Great video lady!
    Lately, I’ve been breaking out the yoga mat mid-afternoon, when all my work is done for the day. It helps me unwind!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Why I Wasn’t Convinced by “It Starts With Food”.My Profile

  5. The video isn’t working for me :( Have you started a new series?!?! So cool!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Blueberry Superfood SmoothieMy Profile

  6. Hi Suzanne! I definitely want to see more yoga videos!

    I always do a bit of yoga in my room after dinner. It’s my “me” time for the day when no one interrupts me hehe. I recently started using a yoga block and it’s helped so much. I was happy to see you had one in the video!

    I also love your necklace in the video. I like to wear special beaded bracelets when I meditate. I don’t know why, but I find them very balancing. I also enjoy the sound yoga jewelry makes when I’m moving. I find it soothing :)

    This is just so wonderful! I’m going to follow along with the video tonight in my room.
    Allison @ Clean Wellness recently posted…Revitalizing Raw Raspberry Vegan CheesecakeMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Allison! I totally agree about malas; the stones are totally balancing!

      PS thanks SO MUCH for adding me to your blog roll! I’m blushing :)

  7. Always more yoga! I think you should do a video that’s a “pose of the week” where you demonstrate how to do it! :) That would be really cool!

  8. Ok… I’ll admit it. I am not a yoga fan. I’ve tried it time & time again, but I’m just not that into it.
    BUT your video is great and it’s been a goal of mine to try and practice a bit of yoga each week and your poses seem easy & doable to add to my routine =)
    I will try tomorrow morning!!! I’m sure it would help me start my day a little more centered too.
    kimmythevegan recently posted…Ooey Gooey Cheezy Pasta BakeMy Profile

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