Being active is very important to me both mentally and physically. I enjoy doing yoga, biking, rollerblading, long walks, playing group sports, and running! Staying active calms my mind and keeps my body in good working shape. Also, I’m fortunate enough to have a healthy body that enables me to stay active; that’s motivation enough for me! Here are some of my favourite fitness resources, my personal goals, and achievements.


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Races and Recaps


  • Run or Dye
  • A Midsummer Night’s Run (PB 1:16)
  • Beaches Jazz Run Tune Up 10K (51:00)
  • Toronto Women’s 5K (26:44)
  • Toronto Yonge St 10K (PB 47:54)


  • RunningRoom Resolution Run 5K
  • Toronto Women’s 8K (40:29)
  • Zoo Run 5K (28:58)
  • Toronto Women’s 5K (PB and 2nd in category 24:13)


  • Make workout playlists based on how fast you want to go!
  • Hal Higdon Training Programs- free training programs for all levels and distances
  • Running on the treadmill- if the weather takes you indoors, this guide may help pep up your run!
  • Couch to 5K (C25K)- the ultimate beginner’s guide (+ there’s an app for that!)
  • Choosing the right shoe- the foundation to good running and healthy feet. Go into your local specialty running store (eg. RunningRoom) to get assessed as well!
  • Nike+- the chip syncs up with your iPhone to track distance, speed etc. as you run
  • NoMeatAthlete- great tips and resources for veggie runners (or any runners for that matter!)



I fell into yoga quite by accident, and I’ll admit at first I didn’t enjoy it all that much. At that point in my life I couldn’t grasp that there was so much more to practicing yoga than how long you can hold a downward dog. Yes, frequent yoga practice targets the body but more importantly it nourishes the soul. If I could give one piece of advice for aspiring yogis, it would be to find a teacher with whom you feel comfortable and a studio you can’t bear to leave at the end of class (although they may kick you out eventually!). Amazing things can happen from there!


  • Yoga reasonable subscription rates for yoga podcast videos
  • YogaVibes- great (free!) videos for specific poses
  • ABC of Yoga- more great videos (in cartoon form)
  • Yoga Journal- tons of articles for perusing (on all the aspects of yoga); the magazine is great too if you can get your hands on it (tip: check your library for back issues!)
  • Yoga Cures by Tara Stiles- yoga remedies for everyday ailments (from shin splints to chilling the @&%# out!)
  • Bhagavad Gita- pretty dense but worth reading; Hindu scriptures describing the many facets of yoga. Many translations exist and with luck you can probably find a used copy for a good price!

BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

  • 30 races by age 30 (7/30)
  • Run a half-marathon (goal: May 2014)
  • Complete a triathalon
  • Become a certified yoga teacher (goal: Summer 2014)



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