Hello all food bloggers! Welcome to the weekly blog party, Healthy Vegan Fridays. This weekly link up is a place to share your healthy vegan recipes that make use of whole ingredients and minimize the use of processed and refined foods. The recipes shared on this link up are intended to emphasis the beauty, creativity and benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet. We also welcome informational posts that discuss aspects of healthy, vegan living.

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This blog party is hosted by three vegan food bloggers:

  • Anna @ Herbivore Triathlete I am a multisport endurance athlete and I follow a plant based diet. I compete in both trail and road races from 5K to half marathon distances. I am passionate about all things fitness but get most excited about triathlons, spinning, and running.
  • Kimmy @ Rock My Vegan Socks Kimmy is passionate about healthy living and eating. She is a Northern California transplant that enjoys an active life (walking, running, hiking, dancing etc). She enjoys spending time with her pup and volunteering, especially as a fitness instructor.
  • Suzanne @ Hello Veggy Suzanne is a twenty-something blogger, tea aficionado, and an aspiring yoga teacher. She focuses on deceptively delicious, simple, and healthy vegan dishes, thriving on a plants-based diet, and living life to the fullest! She also has an unhealthy obsession with mason jars.

When you link up to Healthy Vegan Fridays, your submissions will be shared on all four blogs. The following week, we will feature the top three submissions, as chosen by you, the readers (i.e. the posts with the most views). In addition, each of us will choose three submissions to feature on our own blogs. These chosen posts will be ones that we find the most creative, inspiring or tasty! We may also Pin, Tweet,  and/or post on Facebook all featured recipes.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Maximum of 2 submissions per week
  • You do not have to be a vegan food blogger to link up, but all recipes must be 100% vegan (for ingredients such as honey, please make sure you note a vegan alternative in the ingredient list).
  • All recipe submissions should focus on the most whole, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients as much as possible, although we will still accept recipes that make use of some processed/refined ingredients.
  • You may submit current or past recipes, just make sure they are not ones that you have shared previously on this blog party.
  • Besides recipes, feel free to submit informative posts that are aimed at promoting healthy, plant-based diets.
  • You must provide a link back to this blog party on your submitted post. You can either grab our badge to display or a clickable link back somewhere on the post you are submitting.
  • When linking up, please make sure to link back to the post you are submitting, not the home page of your blog.

Lastly, you can see our Facebook page, Pinterest board, or use the hashtag #VeganFridays on Twitter to connect.

Legal Disclaimer:

By linking up to Healthy Vegan Fridays, you guarantee that the pictures and posts are your own and not that of someone else. You also agree to give permission to all hosts (Anna, Kimmy, Suzanne and Chasity) to make use of your pictures and posts on our own Healthy Vegan Friday posts, as well as giving us permission to re-post them on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.

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  6. This looks like so much fun! I’d love to enter but I have a few questions: Do I submit any recipe or is there a theme for the week? How do I know when the deadline is to submit for that week? How do I submit a post? Email it to you?

    Thanks so much for all the work this involves!
    Zsu Dever recently posted…back to basics – fast and easy brown riceMy Profile

    • Hi Zsu! You’ll see a linky toward to bottom of the post- simply click to add your recipe; it take you to another page where you will add your link, name, and email. You will choose the picture to go with your post, and voila! The deadline for each week is tuesday, and you are always free to post whatever vegan recipes you like! Hope that helps :)

  7. Hi, there
    I would love to link up.I have been looking for ages for a vegan linky to encourage myself to post a recipe on my blog more often as I would do the lazy post on my Facebook just with a photo and some listed ingredients. Can you please post the link where I can click to add my submission .I can’t find it.
    Ivelina recently posted…3 Vegan Comfort Food Recipes for EveryoneMy Profile

    • Hi Ivelina! You can post your recipes each week on Friday through tuesday using the Linky at the bottom of each post. Just simply add the URL, your email and name. It’s fairly simple; feel free to message be with any other questions!

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